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“le petit films de carolyn”

If you’ve ever read my Twitter feed, you are likely to have seen my numerous retweets of Carolyn Gair’s amazing stop motion mini films. These tasty petit fours of guerrilla cinema are only about 15 seconds long on average, but they pack a delightfully powerful punch of humor, action, and emotion. Carolyn has a show tonight at Gallery 839 from 6PM – 9PM, and it seemed only fitting to have a compilation of Carolyn’s tiny masterpieces playing during her show. After all, Carolyn is an animator and story teller by trade, and many of the objects that come alive in her films are the very same upcycled and recycled vintage treasures found in her assemblage art pieces.


It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Carolyn Gair. Carolyn is one of the most talented and generous artists I know, and I’m thrilled that she’s enjoying so much success with her films and found object art. I can think of few people who deserve to be recognized for their talent and creativity more than Ms. Gair does.

Please come out and support Carolyn tonight at her Gallery 839 show in Burbank, and tomorrow at “THE UPCYCLE: BEYOND SUSTAINABILITY” opening at FOLD Gallery in The Spring Arts Tower Downtown.

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Caveat: please disregard the trailer attached to “le petit films de carolyn”. Godzilla had a rider in his contract that stipulated that he would be the one to cut the trailer for the film. So, well, the trailer is about what you’d expect from Godzilla. My apologies in advance… Click here to view “le petit films de carolyn”.

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It’s very fitting that my first (proper) blog post features one of my favorite Downtown LA art galleries, FOLD Gallery. FOLD is special. FOLD is weird. FOLD isn’t going to play by anyone else’s “art rules”! FOLD is lovingly curated by the supremely talented Jena Priebe, and it promises to enchant you with fascinating curios and uncommon artistic imaginings  every time you enter its doors.

Enough gushing, I’ll get to the point already… FOLD has a new show that started on August 20th called THE UPCYCLE: BEYOND SUSTAINABILITY” and it’s pretty fantastic! All of the ten artists featured in the show used recycled, rather upcycled, items in their artwork. This theme lends to a wide array of artistic expressions featuring all things once discarded. AND the best part is that you’re invited to the official opening of “THE UPCYCLE: BEYOND SUSTAINABILITY” on Saturday, September 6th from 7PM – 10PM! Many of the featured artists will be at the opening reception, so you’ll have a unique opportunity to get to know your local artist. If you cant’t make the opening reception on Saturday, don’t fret! You’ll have another opportunity to meet some of the artists from the show at the DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES ARTWALK on Thursday, September 11th from 12PM- 10PM


Below is a listing of the “THE UPCYCLE: BEYOND SUSTAINABILITY” artists and their websites. I’ve included a little taste of each artist’s work that I respectfully lifted from their websites with the best of intentions. Click on the artist’s name to go to their website homepage or click on the artwork to go directly to the featured art piece. Please note that this is not necessarily artwork from the FOLD show, but rather a visual aperitif to pique your interest.

Winston Secrest “Straight Ahead”                        


Patrick Quinn “Coke Date”
Sweetie Boosh Random Things


Curtis Brooks “Persevere”



Gunner Johnson Bicycle Parts Sculptures



AnneMarie Rawlinson “Barbie Twitters”


Walter Kerner “Illuminated Triptych No.1”


Phillip Graffham “Campbell’s Label”



Kate Carvellas “Pieces of Me”



Carolyn Gair “Warfare Offices”



Please come out and be a patron of the arts this Saturday, September 6th from 7PM -10PM at FOLD Gallery. I hope to see lots of familiar faces there!

If you want to receive updates on all of FOLD Galleries upcoming shows and happenings, click here and subscribe to their mailing list.